Here is a List of the Different Product Focused Marketing Materials that are Available!

Below is a List and a Sample Image of what Each Specific Marketing Item will Look like. Remember, Each of these Items will be Personalized with Your Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Website URL.

Product Focused Capture Page

Having a Capture Page as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy is
One of the Most Important Aspects to Growing Your Business.

A Capture Page is a Web Page that You Send Your Prospects to in order to Capture their Contact Information. This is a Very Important Step in the Referral/Sales Process! By Capturing Your Prospects Contact Information You can now Follow-Up with them Via Email or Phone.
The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!

Another Benefit to Having this Capture Page is that You Know who has Looked at Your Information Page. When a Prospect Opts in, they are Automatically Taken to Your Information Page.

This Capture Page Combined with the Marketing Materials Below, were Designed to Flow Seamlessly Together.

Includes: Lifetime Hosting, Setup and Auto-Responder Integration.

Click Here to View a Sample of the Capture Page

Your Capture Page URL Will Be:

** Requires an Aweber Auto-Responder Account

Click Here to View a Sample of the Information Page
Product Information Page

The Information Page is Where Your Prospects are Taken After they Opt-into Your Capture Page. This Page Breaks Down What VIPtv is and How it Stacks Up to the Competition!

This is a Very Important Piece in the Marketing Sales Funnel Process. We First Peak their Interest, then Capture the Contact Information, then Here we Give them the Breakdown of What VIPtv is, the Price Point, Comparisons and Links to Your Corporate VIPtv sites.

From this Page the Prospects can Download the PDF of the Channel List, Contact You Directly via Phone and Signup to Become a Customer. Whatever They Need for Information is Provided Here!

This Page is the POWER HOUSE of the Sales Funnel system!

Business Card Design

Having Business Cards is Absolutely Essential with this Business. It is a Subtle but Very Powerful Tool that Shows People You Mean Business.

Almost Every Single Person that you See, Talk to, Work With or Interact With Every Day is Currently Over Paying for some kind of TV Service. Whether it's Satelite or Cable, VIPtv Offers More Value and Saves them Money!

Make sure you Never Miss an Opportunity by "ALWAYS" Having Business Cards on you!

4 x 6 Postcard Design

Postcards are a Very Powerful Marketing Tool. They give you the Ability to Advertise Several Key Features of the VIPtv Product with One Marketing Device.

This Card Focuses on Money Savings, Usability, Versitility, Popular Channels and Monthly Fee, As well as Your Contact Information, All Designed Specifically Towards Creating Interest and Generating Action.

An Absolute Must Have
In Your Marketing Arsenal!

8.5 x 11 Tri-Fold Brochure/Flyer

One of The Most Popular Marketing Devices to date is the Tri-Fold Brochure.

By Far the Easiest Way to Get the Most Important Pieces of Information Across to Your Potential Customers and Business Associates.

This Brochure Focuses on Value, Money Savings, Popular Channels, Monthly Fee and Referral Program, As well as Your Contact Information. Designed to Keep Your Prospects Intrest as They Read Through all of the Information Provided.

An Essential Marketing Device to Help Grow Your VIPtv Organization!

PowerPoint Business Presentation

Another Key Marketing Tool is the PowerPoint Business Presentation. These types of Presentations are a True Cornerstone for Building Your VIPtv Business.

Whether you are Holding a Meeting at a Hotel, Business Center, at Your Home or in a One on One Meeting, Using the PowerPoint Business Presentation is the Best Way to Cover "Everything Necessary" to Give Your Prospective Customers and Business Associates a Complete Overview of the Product and Opportunity.

With VIPtv we Truly Have the Opportunity to Create a
Long Lasting Passive Monthly Residual Income!

8.5 x 11 Comparison Document

The Side by Side Comparison Document is a must have During Every Presentation or Meeting.

In our Specific Product Industry, the Paid TV Service Industry, There are Competitors that have been Around for Decades, and they have 10's of Millions of Customers that are Used to Paying their Bill Month after Month, Year after Year. (Residual Income)

In a Side by Side Comparison, VIPtv wins in Every Category!

Make Sure You Have this Available at Every Meeting and Presentation to Show the Facts on How VIPtv Stacks up to the Competition!

8.5 x 11 Referral Document

Working with Your Team and Helping them to Grow Their Businesses is Exactly What Builds Your Business. VIPtv is The Opportunity of a Lifetime and Can Change Your Financial Lifestyle Forever if You Build Correctly by Supporting Your Team.

The Referral Document is the Life-Blood of Consistent Growth!

Utilizing this Tool can Help Ensure that you are Supporting Your Team and Helping them Grow their Business Which in Turn Helps Build Yours!

Print this off and Give to EVERY New Customer and Business Associate that you Refer and Watch Your Business Grow!

3.5 x 8.5 Door Hanger

As you Drive Around, I'm Sure you have Noticed that the Majority of Homes Have a Satelite Dish on the Roof. This tells us a few things...

1. They're Currently Paying for a Live TV Service on a Month to Month Basis.
2. They're Paying TOO MUCH!

This is Your Target Market!

Literally 10's of Millions of Homes Have a Satelite Dish on their Roof! Door Hangers are the Perfect Way to Advertise Directly to this Target Market!

8.5 x 11 Daily To Do Document

Working with Your Team and Helping them to Grow Their Businesses is so Very Important.
VIPtv is The Opportunity of a Lifetime and Can Change Your Financial Lifestyle Forever if You Build Correctly by Supporting Your Team.

The Daily To Do Document is the Motivator of Accomplishment!

Utilizing this Tool can Help Ensure that you are Continuously Moving Forward on a Daily Basis and Helping Your Team Grow!

Print this off and Give to "EVERY" New Business Associate that you Refer and Hold Them Accountable Each Day for Accomplishing Each Item. This will Help Them and You Stay Focused on Achieving Daily Growth Which Leads to Long-Term Accomplishment and Success!

As you can see, the VIPtv Marketing Materials Suite Includes Everything You Need to Help You Acquire New Customers and New Business Associates as well as Help Support Them with their Business Growth! All the Marketing Materials Have Been Approved by VIPtv Corporate for Individual Promotional Use.

Order Your VIPtv Marketing Materials Suite Today!

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All Marketing Materials Created by have been Approved by VIPtv Corporate for Individual Promotional Use. Does Not Guarantee any Level of Success with the VIPtv Opportunity by Using the Marketing Materials Offered.

Once the Marketing Materials are Delivered there are No Refunds.