The Business Opportunity of a Lifetime Marketing Package!

This Marketing Package is Focused Specifically on The Business Opportunity Aspect of VIPtv. Taking Your Prospects from Peaking their Interest to Capturing their Contact Information, then Introducing the Opportunity, Following Up and Closing, This Marketing Package is a "MUST HAVE" if You are Serious about Growing your VIPtv Business!

Below is a List and a Sample Image of what Each Specific Marketing Item will Look like.

Capture Page **

Having a Capture Page as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy is
One of the Most Important Aspects to Growing Your Business.

A Capture Page is a Web Page that You Send Your Prospects to in order to Capture their Contact Information. This is a Very Important Step in the Referral/Sales Process! By Capturing Your Prospects Contact Information You can now Follow-Up with them Via Email or Phone.
The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!

Another Benefit to Having this Capture Page is that You Know who has Looked at Your Information Page. When a Prospect Opts in, they are Automatically Taken to Your Information Page.

This Capture Page Combined with the Marketing Materials Below, were Designed to Flow Seamlessly Together.

Includes: Lifetime Hosting, Setup and Auto-Responder Integration.

Click Here to View a Sample of the Capture Page

Your Capture Page URL Will Be:

** Requires an Aweber Auto-Responder Account

Click Here to View a Sample of the Information Page
Information Page

The Information Page is Where Your Prospects are Taken After they Opt-into Your Capture Page. This Page Breaks Down Why the Opportunity With VIPtv is The Business Opportunity of a Lifetime in a Very Easy to Understand way!

This is a Very Important Piece in the Marketing Sales Funnel Process. We First Peak their Interest, then Capture the Contact Information, then Here we Give them the Breakdown of the Opportunity and Some High Level Information on the Service.

From this Page the Prospects can Download the PDF of the Compensation Plan, Get Access to the Company Conference Call Schedule, Contact You Directly via Phone and Signup to Become a Member. Whatever They Need for Information is Provided Here!

This Page is the POWER HOUSE of the Sales Funnel system!

5 x 7 Postcard

This Postcard is a Very Powerful Marketing Tool. It Points out Key Factors of the VIPtv Business Opportunity to Peak Your Prospects Interest.

This Postcard Gives a Few Pieces of Information Designed to Generate Interest and Create Action to get More Information.

Again, the Seamless Design from the Postcard to the Capture Page Creates Instant Credibility!

An Absolute Must Have
For Growing Your Business!

3.75 x 8.125 Horizontal Rack Card/Flyer

Another Extremely Powerful Marketing Device is the Rack Card.

Peaking Someones Interest is the First Step in the Referral/Sales Process. With the Horizontal Rack Card/Flyer, Accomplishing the First Step is a Breeze! Simply Hand them Out and Let Them do the Work!

Watch as More and More People Opt-into Your Capture Page!

3.5 x 8.5 Door Hanger

Opportunity is Knocking... Literally!

Imagine Coming Home and Seeing One of These Hanging on Your Front Door... Would You Go to the Website to Check it Out?

I Know I Would!

This Opportunity Based Door Hanger is a Very Subtle way to Peak the Interest of Anyone in Your Neighborhood, Town or City.

Everyone Can Use Extra Money... It's Just up to Us to Show them How to Get it!

Interest Card

Interest Cards are Used for One Purpose...
Generating Interest!

Regardless of Where You go, or Who you Talk to, Always be Building Your Business! Using Interest Cards is a Very Powerful way to Peak Peoples Interest in Looking at What You Have to Offer.

Using this Interest Card, with the Website URL to Your Capture Page, Provides Your Prospects a Seamless Transition from Peaking their Interest to them Requesting More Information.

The Look and Feel of the Card Matches the Look and Feel of the Capture Page for Instant Recognition and Credibility.

The Business Opportunity of a Lifetime Marketing Material Package is
Exactly What you Need to Market the Business Opportunity Side of VIPtv!

Order Your VIPtv Business Opportunity of a Lifetime Marketing Materials Package

For Only $50 One Time!

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